Guest Column: 2017 Should Be a Prosperous Year for Most Media Entities

As a multi-media valuation firm based in New York (, the Kamen Group is thinking broadcast and print-digital growth this year and expects the stock market to be the place on which to keep both eyes centered. Anything media, whether print or digital, will be a smart investment in 2017. Newspapers of the weekly variety will become more valuable than in recent years; daily newspapers that have solid digital formats will become trusted extensions for investors and social media will continue to grow in a dynamic fashion. I feel it simply makes sense that putting your hard earned dollars into broadcast and digital, and to a degree print, will pay dividends in the long haul. It has to because people need to know and want to be informed and media entities help deliver all the news as it happens, from Twitter to Facebook, to every known social media dynamic on the planet today.

Talk within the beltway will be about consumerism and the rights of every consumer, including banking rights, voting rights and human rights. Public concern over these topics, regardless of how polarized the country is today, will lead to new growth initiatives and new business opportunities across almost every imaginable channel—and the media will be following and reporting on everything “Washington,” therefore, legal notices and all types of advertising and bidding will be highlighted once more.

Analysts will be busy; reporters and news agencies will be working around the clock; and the public will be crying out for more and more in this informational age. The markets will not stay stagnant, inflation rates will be adjusted and interest rates should climb. Real interest rates will matter, meaning the current interest rate minus inflation rate will be a focus of all bankers. In essence, the real interest rate may be calculated by comparing interest rates with present or, more often, reduced inflation rates. For example, with a bond yielding 9 percent and inflation of 3 percent, the real interest rate of 6 percent would bring a return high enough to beat inflation.

This year will not only be about paywalls, payroll, links, printing costs, distribution, unique visits, or buyer consumption. Instead it will be about becoming more creative, using social media initiatives to attract revenue streams like never before and enhancing your team so it is better trained, better prepared and able to adjust to the new world order within the media sphere. It is no longer important to be just good; it is necessary to be focused, idea-centric, precise, reflective, and everywhere in order to become profitable and relevant to an ever more demanding, more engaged audience that requires much more as we within the publishing and broadcast sector work to be a firewall for independence and integrity, all the while keeping both eyes on the bottom line.

Kevin Kamen is president, CEO and owner of Kamen & Co. Group Services. Based in Uniondale, New York, the company provides professional financial valuations, consultation and brokerage services to the multi-media and entertainment trade on a worldwide basis.

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