Hallingdolen Introduces New Subscription Business Model with SAXOTECH

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By: Press Release | SAXOTECH

Aalborg, Denmark – March 19, 2012 – SAXOTECH, a leader in content management, circulation and advertising technology, today announced Hallingdølen has expanded its use of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center to support further monetization of its print, Web, mobile and tablet distribution strategies.

Hallingdølen is utilizing the latest version of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center to offer a bundled subscription model that provides greater value for the customer while preserving page views and profitability for the company. Readers will pay for a single subscription that offers access to multiple new print and digital news channels, and SAXOTECH’s flexible and intuitive solution enables Hallingdølen to easily produce news with varied content from a single system to better target the audience.

“The transformation of the newsroom with SAXOTECH has historically been the biggest change we have ever made at Hallingdølen, but I was so thrilled when I held the first edition of the paper to be published to four channels on the morning of our paper’s anniversary,” said Bjarne Tormodsgaard, editor in chief. “It is unbelievable that we can produce these products with the same number of resources, it is simply the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center system that makes it possible, and it is fantastic.”

Administrative Director, Kjell Vidar added, “Our subscribers need to get used to paying for our content. We have seen traffic on our site remain close to the levels we had before implementing the paywall, and we have seen individual users actually stay on the site longer than before and browse through more of the site’s content. This indicates that we have improved the quality of the content we produce and have made the site more dynamic because it is so easy to send news from the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center to the web, iPad and digital devices.”

Only after a short period of time live on the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, Hallingdølen is successfully generating new subscription revenue, providing greater value to its readers and achieving greater levels of efficiency for multi-channel publishing.

“I am happy to see a news organization like Hallingdølen determined to find new ways of delivering news, finding new audiences and focused on the fact that their unique content requires subscription,” said Jesper Frank, director/senior vice President, SAXOTECH. “I believe Hallingdølen has done the right thing, given their market situation. It will be very exciting to see how well they succeed with all their new initiatives.”


SAXOTECH helps media companies meet current and future challenges in the media landscape by providing cost efficient solutions for new business models based on multimedia, multi-channel consumer interaction. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit, design and publish content as well as drive online directories and serve display advertising through multiple channels. Our customers receive world-class implementation, training and support complemented by ongoing development of products and best practices.

SAXOTECH Circulation tracks subscription revenue, distribution, agent billing, promotions, campaigns, demographics and non-subscribers.  Flexible reporting and decision making tools enable newspapers to improve retention and increase their subscriber base, as well as empower marketing executives to make quicker, smarter and more profitable circulation management decisions.

SAXOTECH’s corporate headquarters reside in Tampa, Fla. with European headquarters based in Aalborg, Denmark; additional offices include Maryland, Norway and Sweden. SAXOTECH’s solutions are in use by more than 700 news organizations around the world. For more information visit www.saxotech.com.

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