Hands Up: Are You on the Right Transformation Track?

The news media industry has been massively disrupted by internet and digital technologies. But far from shying away from new challenges, many publishers have faced them head on, and come up with ideas and business models in response. Here are key take-aways from three different publishers from the 2016 World Publishing Expo’s opening session.

“You have to show people you are more than a newspaper with different areas that you are strong in,” said Kurt Sabathil, Managing Director, Schwäbisch Media, Ravensburg, Germany. “You have to show that in your region, no one will be better than you are.”

Sabathil was describing his company’s transformation over the past several years, through which they have achieved a number of positive results, such as having both circulation and print advertising declines for several years that are only about half the rate of the German national averages for news publishers. For example, Sabathil said, in terms of advertising, “this has equated to a difference of 5 million euros that we can invest in other activities.”


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