Harland Simon Converts Controls in Istanbul

By: E&P Staff

Without disrupting production, Harland Simon, Milton Keynes, England, completed replacement of main Honeywell press control systems, installation of four Prima 6000 operator consoles, and supply of a suite of management-system modules, including direct ink presetting, on a Goss Colorliner at the Merkez Gazete in Istanbul, Turkey.

The press prints Sabah, Takvim, and Fotoma?, every day, as part of a total national circulation of approximately 1.75 million copies.

Development, engineering, installation, and commissioning were completed in five months. With the controls converted, Goss will begin commissioning two more Colorliner towers to increase page and color capacity.

By retaining Honeywell I/O modules, the conversion required minimal fitting and wiring and could be carried out in small stages during normal press downtime. Once all elements were proven, final conversion took place. At all times the existing system remained operational while the new system was tested and commissioned.

The conversion was made to improve technical support and provide such features as automatic impositioning, comprehensive monitoring and reporting, and ink presetting — not only on the Colorliner press, but also across the Goss HT presses, which already were fitted with Harland Simon controls.

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