Harland Simon Plays the Right Tune for the Music City Presses

By: E&P Staff

Press release from the issuing company.

It is no accident that Harland Simon has another order to announce, while some continue to sing the blues about our industry others realize that there is a cost to running an efficient business. The Tennessean, one of Gannett’s flagship newspapers based in the heart of downtown Nashville decided to invest in its future by upgrading vulnerable systems and placed its trust in Harland Simon to achieve this.

Just as the music industry has had to adapt to the online age so have newspapers, not by keeping their fingers crossed but by making cost effective, strategic investments to vulnerable areas. Bob Thompson and his maintenance team at The Tennessean understood this and identified the obsolete and unsupported SSD drives in their CT50 reelstands as a particular point of concern.

All involved knew there would be only a small direct payback through improved performance, reduced maintenance and enhanced diagnostics, but the team in Nashville could see the bigger picture; if these units fail it would cost them money every day until resolved.

Harland Simon knows that this dilemma is faced by industry executives every single day, and has been working with unparalleled success to achieve pragmatic solutions to these issues across all areas of newspaper production. This is why when Harland Simon sat down with The Tennessean and worked out a program to replace the drives in 10 out 20 reelstands with a non proprietary, locally available and locally supported solution, while releasing a new inventory of spares for the remaining drives, the path forward was clear.

Charlie Brackley, Sales Manager for Harland Simon commented, “Working with The Tennessean has been a pleasure, we are all excited about the implementation phase of the project and the potential for a long and successful relationship. It is printing facilities like this that will still be putting ink on paper for many years to come.”

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