Harland Simon To Secure Production For The ‘Birmingham News’

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By: Press Release | Harland Simon

Harland Simon is pleased to announce that the Birmingham News, AL, one of Advance Publications flagship production facilities has contracted Harland Simon to replace its aging and obsolete control system. With the increased demand on their presses and the lack of component availability for the existing EAE systems, the Birmingham News had to act in order to guarantee delivery of their numerous products day in day out.  

Harland Simon had previously upgraded Birmingham’s sister paper to the north in Huntsville, the confidence developed during this project in combination with reference from numerous other Goss Metros upgraded in recent years (Sacramento Bee, CA; Commercial Appeal, TN; Burlington Free Press, VT; Times Herald Record, NY, Cape Cod Times, MA, Mail Tribune, OR) provided Harland Simon the opportunity to present its solution.  

The project is to include the replacement of upper level management and presetting systems, control consoles and on unit hardware for the 21 unit press. The concept of self-supportability, open software and locally available hardware opened the eyes of the Birmingham News team to what is available today,  they saw the long term benefits and inherent value and in such a solution leading to a shortened decision making process.  

Charlie Brackley, Sales Manager for Harland Simon, commented, “To have the opportunity to work with a production team so excited and focused on the future was encouraging to say the least. Betty Forehand, Production Director for the Birmingham News, and her team saw what we could bring to their operations, and we look forward to developing this into a long lasting and committed partnership’.  

Once the correct solution had been selected, attention turned to how quickly the project could be completed in order to alleviate Birmingham’s vulnerability. The Harland Simon project team has worked diligently in order to develop a plan where the first press can be upgraded before the end of the year, without interrupting production. The project is due for completion in the first quarter of 2013.

What Today’s Customer Should Expect
1. Hardware will be non proprietary and locally available
2. Hardware will be ‘off the shelf’
3. Hardware will be available from multiple sources
4. Control software will be available to end users
5. Data and databases will be available to end users
6. Technical training will be available to all
7. Technical support will be available 24/7at a fair cost

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