‘Harper’s’ Piece Criticizes David Broder for Speaking to Business Groups

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By: E&P Staff

A Harper’s Magazine piece posted today criticized columnist David Broder for speaking at corporate events and not disclosing those talks to readers.

Broder could not be reached for comment today at his Washington Post office because his voice-mail box was full. E&P also e-mailed the columnist, but has not yet received a reply.

Harper’s Ken Silverstein wrote that Broder used to question the idea of columnists addressing business groups. “So it’s surprising to see that Broder, who recently took a buyout, but will continue to write his Post column, appears to be a regular presence these days on the business-lecture circuit, and has even spoken to major health-care groups.”

Silverstein — who listed several instances of Broder talking to medical, manufacturer, and real-estate organizations — added: “Perhaps the groups to whom Broder spoke only paid his expenses? Even if that’s true, he still appears to have — at minimum — been on the receiving end of some sweet junkets. And shouldn’t Broder disclose to the Post’s readers and the general public his moonlighting activities, especially when he is writing about topics that overlap with his speaking gigs?”

The complete piece by Silverstein, who could not reach Broder for comment either, can be seen here.

Broder’s column is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.

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