Has Climate News Coverage Finally Turned a Corner?

Some good news, for a change, about climate change: When hundreds of newsrooms focus their attention on the climate crisis, all at the same time, the public conversation about the problem gets better: more prominent, more informative, more urgent.

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One thought on “Has Climate News Coverage Finally Turned a Corner?

  • November 8, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Climate change reporting is all about political objectives. For every scientist who claims climate change is our immediate apocalypse, there is an equal amount of scientists who say not so. Journalists are not scientists and the research data regarding climate change are so easily manipulated. Al Gore’s Kool-Aid and dire predictions have lost their luster. A much more immediate threat to our planet’s survival is the large unseen stealth comet striking the earth at thirty-five thousand miles per hour. If that happens this entire posturing by a political party and the media becomes a moot point.


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