Heidelberg Speedmaster Press Upgraded with Baldwin Cleaning System

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By: Press Release | Baldwin Technology

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. continues to demonstrate substantial advantages to its customers in the upgrade from brush cleaning systems to the Baldwin IMPACT® 2E blanket cleaning system on installed presses. GSL Fine Lithographers of Sacramento, California, a Consolidated Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: CGX) company, recently installed IMPACT® 2E on its 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 press and is reporting a number of substantial benefits.

The Baldwin IMPACT® 2E cloth system replaced the original brush system on GSL’s six-unit Heidelberg sheetfed press. The upgraded IMPACT® 2E system utilizes Baldwin’s PREPAC® cleaning cloths that are pre-saturated with cleaning solution to ensure superb cleaning results, while offering the added advantage of drastically reducing VOC emissions. GSL was highly motivated to lower the amount of VOC’s in its print processes to meet their environmental goals, and Baldwin’s system provided the best blanket cleaning technology to address their needs while improving efficiency at the same time.

Jason English, GSL’s president, said, “We have reduced our VOC emissions with the IMPACT® 2E equipment by approximately 90%. We’ve also been surprised by the number of wash-ups we can get out of each roll of cloth. Currently, we’re averaging only five gallons of press wash per week (for two shifts) with the Baldwin system; previously 55 gallons would have been needed. That’s a substantial savings on the cost of the solution alone, plus our disposal costs have been significantly reduced.”

Ultimately, GSL is enjoying greater benefits on consumables and waste costs, while also gaining on makeready times and print quality. “The differences in cleaning results are distinct; the PREPAC cloth cleans the blankets remarkably well, and we experience no drips on the printed product,” stated English.

“The IMPACT® 2E continues to demonstrate Baldwin’s ability to upgrade existing presses of our customers through improvements in print quality, productivity and process costs while lowering waste and pressroom VOCs,” remarked Donald Gustafson, vice president of Baldwin Americas. “GSL is experiencing these very results and we’re so pleased to hear of their satisfaction with the investment.”

Baldwin offers advanced cleaning technology for all sheetfed presses using conventional, UV, hybrid and EB inks. Equipment and related consumables have been approved for textured or structured cylinder cleaning applications. Currently, Baldwin is involved in a number of upgrade retrofit projects for Heidelberg and other sheetfed and web press brands.

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