Here Are Some of the Top ‘Inquirer’ Staffers Who Lost Jobs Today

By: E&P Staff

Longtime Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Daniel Rubin, at his Blinq blog at the paper, revealed today the names of some of the staffers receiving their pinks slips in the latest round of about 70 layoffs ordered by management.

News is still scattered but Rubin writes of those axed: “Our NBA writer, David Aldridge, was in Denver covering the Sixers. Our national political reporter, Tom Fitzgerald, heard. Our gaming columnist, Rob Watson. High school sports specialist Rob Parent. Schools writer Kellie Patrick. She had the story on top of this morning. And those are the names I just heard. It’s a generation of young talent from desks across the paper.

“Some were not so new. If you sent in a features picture assignment yesterday, you learned the photo editor here for two decades was now using his private email. He’s gone, his position eliminated….

“At the same time, little bursts of noise draw crowds around those whose positions were somehow saved. There’s a lot of talk around the place today of survivor’s guilt.”

Rubin concludes: “Staff meetings are scheduled for this afternoon. I’m guessing we’ll talk about individual sacrifice, the needs of the group. The paper will take a look, again, at what it needs to do in this crushing time, and many people will be asked to change jobs, to fill in the many holes.

“I’ve told a couple of glum-looking people today that there’s part of me that’s envious. I know it sounds hollow, coming from someone who has seniority. But this will be saving some people from heartache later, when it’s harder to pull up stakes. This is a good time to be looking for other ways to use those peculiar skills they put to work here.

“I told a young writer who was wondering how she’d manage that the amazing thing is, I’ve never run into anyone who left the newspaper who didn’t look younger and healthier the next time I saw them.”

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