‘Home and Away’ Comic Coming from WPWG

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By: E&P Staff

A comic called “Home and Away” will be syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group starting June 23.

The strip features Sam and Sandy Szwyk, busy parents juggling careers and child care for their kids Karen and Timmy. Sam telecommutes and does most of the household chores, while Sandy has a high-paying job that requires frequent travel.

“Home and Away” is by Steve Sicula, who says the comic is partly autobiographical.

The Texas-based Sicula was born and raised in northwest Indiana and attended Purdue University, where he drew a comic and did editorial cartoons for the campus newspaper. But cartooning remained a hobby while he spent the next 20 years selling computer products.

Sicula’s other hobby is acting — he was an extra in three episodes of “Walker, Texas Ranger” (starring Chuck Norris, who now writes a column distributed by Creators Syndicate).

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