How 3 Publishers are Using Instagram Stories for Visually Compelling Storytelling

The announcement of Instagram Stories last Tuesday came with mixed reviews, many considering it a blatant ripoff of Snapchat. Allowing users to share real-time life updates, news media have a new opportunity to report from the field while also giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at the publication. Snapchat and Instagram Stories differ as far as audience and ease of use, given that Instagram is predominantly used for high quality photography (often curated after the fact).

On both platforms, users can upload photographs and videos previously taken (though in Snapchat they’re framed as Memories), while Instagram only allows for media that has been shot over the last 24 hours (though screenshotting old photos gets around that). One thing that attracts the non-teen generation to Facebook and Instagram is the idea of content longevity, a gap Snapchat has attempted to bridge.

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