How Email and Audio Came Back in a Major Way in 2015

The mediums I was the most impressed by in 2015 provide just the right amount of constraints and unlimited possibilities for creative voices: email and audio.


Compared to these new platforms, these two could not be more retro. For many people, email is the worst, slowest and most ineffective way to communicate with other people. Email gets randomly eaten by spam filters, most email senders have yet to learn etiquette with reply all and ccing, and it’s difficult to manage inboxes, especially if that’s the best way people know how to contact you. I set a permanent vacation responder on my own personal inbox after drowning in personal emails, pen pal correspondence and friendly requests that were starting to become exhausting to keep up with. Before this year, I never would have guessed what a good storytelling platform email is from the general public attitude about it.

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