Huge ‘Calvin’ Comic Collection Coming

By: Dave Astor

If your bookcase survived last year’s “Complete Far Side,” prepare for another massive collection from Andrews McMeel Publishing — of every “Calvin and Hobbes” comic.

AMP’s “Calvin and Hobbes Omnibus Collection,” scheduled for September 2005 release, will include three hardcover volumes of 480 pages each and sell for $150. Gary Larson’s “Complete Far Side” featured a total of 1,266 pages in two volumes that retailed for $135.

The 1985-launched “Calvin and Hobbes” ran in more than 2,400 papers via Universal Press Syndicate before Bill Watterson retired at the start of 1996.

While the collection of Watterson’s work is more than a year away, AMP is publishing many other books this fall. Slated for September release, for instance, is “The Religion War” non-“Dilbert” hardcover by “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams of United Feature Syndicate. A sequel to “God’s Debris” by Adams, it’s “set several decades in the future when the smartest man in the world steps between international leaders to see if he can prevent a catastrophic confrontation between Christianity and Islam that would destroy most of civilization.”

In October, AMP will publish a hardcover book by Universal foreign-affairs columnist Georgie Anne Geyer. “When Cats Reigned Like Kings” is a product of Geyer’s worldwide research into “the little-known puzzle of how cats came to occupy their unique position in the lives of humans.”

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