IAB Issues Guidelines For E-Mail Lists

By: Ann M. Mack

(Adweek IQ) The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s e-mail committee has developed a set of proposed guidelines that pertain to the manner in which the association’s member companies obtain and use e-mail lists.

The IAB hopes that advertisers and list providers will incorporate the guidelines into the ordering process to “show in no uncertain terms that they are firmly supporting responsible e-mail marketing,” said Mike Mayor, president of NetCreations and chairman of the IAB’s e-mail committee. This is the first major initiative from the e-mail committee since its formation six weeks ago. Current members of the committee include NetCreations, Advertising.com, Bigfoot Interactive, and Edmunds.com, among others.

Under the guidelines, the list provider guarantees that all records they deliver on behalf of the client have specifically agreed to receive third-party offers. The list provider also agrees to disclose the source of any e-mail address record, including the exact method by which permission was obtained, upon inquiry from either the client or any individual receiving the e-mail.

In addition, the guidelines suggest that the list provider assures that it is mailing the contracted volume to the exact quantity of unique e-mail addresses ordered and honors all unsubscribe requests that may result from the campaign. If the list provider violates any of these guarantees on a contracted mailing then they will refund the invoiced amount.

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