Ifra to Release Report on Industrialized Newspaper Production

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By: E&P Staff

More than 90 technical representatives from European companies attended a conference on “Visions of industrialised newspaper production” last month in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Topics included: automated production through software support, optimized paper handling, from automatic plate change to the semi-commercial product, closed-loop quality control, flexible-format printing, energy aspects, and prospects for printing houses.

The program, which also featured a visit to the ‘Frankfurter Societats-Druckerei’ plant while in full production, was put together by Ifra, an international organization for newspaper and media publishing.

The “Vision of an integrated, controlled and intelligent newspaper production system” is described in a new Ifra Special Report presented at the conference’s opening lecture by Ifra Research Engineer Beatrix Beckmann.

Ifra has published several reports on “closed loop” topics for the various production stages. Lat month’s report investigated the degree to which the closed-loop approach can be applied to the whole of newspaper production. It analyzes the existing situation, identifies development potentials, and outlines a vision of what should be expected of an integrated production system.

Soon available in English, the 36-page illustrated Special Report (serial number 01.2006) covers business/management/organization, production management and information technology, and is intended for managing directors, business-development managers and production managers.

Other recent English-language Ifra Special Reports include “Separation of Printing and Publishing.” Also, the second report accompanying the new “Where NEWS?” research project on the future of the news media has been published in English under as “Strategy-Making in Changing Industries – The Case of the Newspaper Industry.” A third report focusing on technological developments in media and communications is being prepared.

Regular Ifra Special Reports are available (under different conditions) to both Ifra members and non-members. Members also may download them free from www.ifra.com. Results of the new “Where NEWS?” project are at www.ifra.com/wherenews. They also receive reports free by mail and, on request, a folder in which to file them. Non-members can order reports for which they will be invoiced.

For more information about Ifra Special Reports, click here or contact Ulrike Leis-Kolb at leiskolb@ifra.com.

With 10 locations worldwide and headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, Ifra publishes ‘newspaper techniques,’ a monthly magazine in English, French, German and Spanish, and a quarterly in Chinese. Its annual IfraExpo trade show for newspapers and vendors will be held next October in Vienna. More than 3,000 members from about 80 countries also benefit from research and standardization, international conferences, seminars, training, and consulting.

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