Ignatius: Readers Were Right to Complain About His Hagel Column

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By: E&P Staff

David Ignatius acknowledged in his column today that readers were right to complain about something in a previous piece he wrote.

“In a column last week, I praised Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel for his prescient early warnings about the risks of U.S. involvement in Iraq,” Ignatius noted today. “Some readers complained that for all his prescience, Hagel still voted to support the war, and that I was ignoring the many Democrats who were similarly wary of Iraq — and who voted against war funding. These readers are right. Hagel took political risks expressing his concerns back in 2003, but so did Democrats who voted against the Iraq mission despite a vitriolic barrage from the administration.”

On Nov. 29, MediaMatters.org had written: “In his Washington Post column, David Ignatius asserted that if Sen. Chuck Hagel decides to run for president in 2008, ‘he can claim to have been right about Iraq and other key issues earlier than almost any national politician, Republican or Democratic.’ However, Ignatius’ claim is undermined by the fact that Hagel voted to authorize military action against Iraq in October 2002, which numerous Democrats vocally opposed at the time.”

Ignatius is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.

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