iMedix Powers Health Section Search

By: E&P Staff

The iMedix community-powered health search engine was chosen to power the search capabilities of’s health section in the first major media partnership for iMedix and the first search engine technology to be embedded at, the online companion to Parade magazine.

iMedix search-engine technology analyzes users’ feedback against millions of medical articles, pictures and videos to provide relevant health content, with search results based on Web pages that have been ranked by other users searching for similar information.

To enhance the experience, readers will have access to an integrated community platform that allows them to communicate with others interested in similar topics. For example, someone looking for information on diabetes will be given search results on that subject and be able to connect with other diabetics through real-time chat or private messages.

“Searching for answers to health questions on the Internet should not be a painful or time-consuming experience,” said iMedix CEO Amir Leitersdorf, who co-founded the Tel Aviv-based company and its Web site last year with Iri Amirav. “People should be able to take advantage of the research done by others in order to find answers and get the support they need.”

“We look for partners that will provide the best experience for our readers, and iMedix’s innovative approach to search and community was a perfect fit for our health section,” Senior Vice President of Business Development Allison Werder said in a statement.

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