Independent?s ?i? Offers Vouchers For Print Newspaper, Will Soon Offer iPad app

By: E&P Staff

Robert Andrews | PaidContent:UK

At just £0.20 (.33 USD), the new Independent off-shoot “i” is certainly one of the cheapest (and freshest) papers out there – clearly a cut above the celeb-led distractions inside full freesheets.

But is even £0.20 the right price?

Independent Print is now giving folks the opportunity to read the paper free for a week, with these vouchers redeemable for five daily copies.

Voucher offers are nothing new, and this is a marketing offer rather than a strategic shift with the model. But it will at least allow the Lebedevs to see how a free “i” compares with a £0.20 “i”.

“i” will later offer an iPad app at the same price as the paper, The Independent’s digital MD Zach Leonard (formerly of News International), tells NMA.

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