Influential Consumers Rely on Internet


Influential consumers rely on the Internet more than other media, according to a study from market research firm RoperASW of New York and

Through decades of research, RoperASW had identified 10% of the population that shapes the attitude and behaviors of the other 90%. The firm studied over 3,000 users who meet the RoperASW definition of “influential.” Overall, 34% of the audience qualifies as influentials, using RoperASW’s definition.

These online influentials spend more time on the Net (not counting e-mail) than any other media. The group said they would recommend that advertisers use the Internet (56%) and newspapers (56%) to reach them — higher percentages than any other media.

When researching places to visit or things to buy, the online influentials cited the Internet as their top media source. Two-thirds either are asked for or forward advice about products and services to others. The influentials forwarded information about products and services to 5-20 other individuals, depending on the category.

“Because influentials play a key role in impacting everything from which tech products are hot to which politicians we elect, this research provides vital information to marketers,” said Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive CEO and Publisher Christopher M. Schroeder.

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