INMA: Media Must Stand Together in Trump’s Anti-Media Era

I’ve been a journalist since my first day in college. Something I love about INMA is that we as an international organisation believe deeply in the future of journalism, realising it is the key to developing audiences and revenue. This passion and understanding is why what’s happening with and to U.S. media right now is keeping me up at night.

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One thought on “INMA: Media Must Stand Together in Trump’s Anti-Media Era

  • January 20, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    ooops, journalism is about reporting, not about standing united or anything of the sort … informing as fully and as truthfully as possible is a 24-hour–a-day job, seven days a week … besides, check the eyeball numbers: you may find out, to your chagrin, that they’ve been going down for years … you know why? because people like have been presenting their opinions as news … your readers/listeners/viewers know better than you …


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