Insertion Odor: Newspapers Plan Scratch-and-Sniff Movie Ads

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By: E&P Staff

In the movie theaters it was once called smell-o-vision. Now it is coming to newspapers.

Next Sunday, the Los Angeles Times will carry a ?scratch and sniff? advertisement in a section about fall films. The ad is for “Mr. Magorium?s Wonder Emporium,? and reportedly smells likes frosted cake, according to an article in today’s New York Times.

The L.A. Times “is among several newspapers looking into new ways to use fragrance to entice marketers to buy more ad pages. The loss of ad revenue to online media is a major reason for the economic difficulties of publishers like the Tribune Company, which owns The Times,” the New York Times notes.

?We?re trying to be more creative,? said Lynne Segall, vice president for entertainment and fashion advertising at the L.A. paper, ?to stay relevant and keep the reader engaged.?

To avoid complaints, the ad was tested to ensure that ?you have to do something to the ad to make it smell,? Segall said.

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