Walker Lundy arrived in Philadelphia a stranger from a strange land (Minnesota), with one big question to answer: How does the Inky win the battle for the ‘burbs?10

Auditory difficulty Due to a computer glitch, the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ FAS-FAX report is being reissued in its entirety for the first time3

Electric avenue Newspapers are discovering that preparing a PDF version of their print edition is not only fairly easy but also can be fairly profitable4

Crosstown traffic As the expansion of media cross ownership looms ever larger, so do the hopes, fears ? and conflicting visions ? of editors and publishers6


Jeff Cohen to become editor of the Houston Chronicle8

Kmart misfires, while Target’s right on9

Latin American papers: They’ve got the look19

Lewiston Sun-Journal isn’t down on downtown23

Columnists and cartoonists to converge24

The Best ? and Rest ? of the Press25

Nat Hentoff: Things to come in the world of news26


Cover photo by Peter Murphy Walker Lundy by the bridge named for the first favorite of Philly pressrooms, Ben Franklin

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