By: Bill Gloede

New Magazine Section, Web Site Name Change Announced

Editor’s note: The following appears in the Feb. 7 issue of
Editor & Publisher magazine.

Welcome to the first issue of E&P Interactive, or more properly,
the first appearance of E&P Interactive in Editor & Publisher
magazine. ‘EPI’, as we’re already calling it around here,
replaces, which has appeared as a separate, poly-

bagged supplement to E&P in recent years. Readers will
recognize some features from the old that have
migrated over to EPI, but we believe you will also find that EPI
has more and deeper stories as well as more forward-thinking
coverage of newspapers on the Web.

We are increasing the frequency of this interactive section to 10
times a year, up from six issues of in 1999. One of
the first things readers will notice is that EPI is not a
supplement, although once this year, in June, it will be poly-

bagged due to the simultaneous confluence of newspaper industry
meetings in San Francisco. It is intended to be a section of the
magazine, an integral part of Editor & Publisher , because we
believe that whether a newspaper company’s product is on a
printed page, the Web, or on some form of newfangled E-Pad, it is
still the product of a newspaper company.

And E&P remains the weekly newsmagazine of the newspaper
business. Concomitant with the introduction of E&P Interactive
will be changes in other E&P products.

Our Web site, heretofore Editor & Publisher Interactive, will be
renamed Editor & Publisher Online. The new URL will be, although current users will still be
able to access the site through Also, will remain our e-mail address for the foreseeable
future, although it, too, will eventually become

Finally, our weekly Web coverage also will be run under the
rubric of ‘E&P Interactive.’ If you’re a fan of branding, this
all makes perfect sense. If not, just think, E&P is E&P, so then
why shouldn’t everything E&P does say so? We hope you find our
new EPI section intelligent, informative, thought provoking, and
entertaining. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Bill Gloede ( is interim editor
of Editor & Publisher magazine and editor of Mediaweek

(c) Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher

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