iPad Has Slim Lead In Ad Interaction Rates

By: Mark Walsh | MediaPost

When it comes to comparing the engagement of in-app ads on tablets and smartphones, you might assume the former would be higher. And you’d be right. But the difference isn’t as wide as might be expected.

According to a new study, rich media banners on the iPad had an interaction rate of 8% compared to 7% for other iOS and Android mobile devices — primarily smartphones. And interstitial ads on the Apple tablet generated a 12.5% rate versus 10.3% on other devices, based on research by mobile rich media provider Medialets.

Both sets of response rates are high compared to traditional Web-based display ads, but not significantly different across tablets and smartphones. Time spent viewing interstitial or “takeover” ads in apps on the iPad and iPhone was also fairly consistent, at 30 and 34 seconds, respectively. (The ads were run less frequently on the iPad, however.)

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