Is ‘Falsely’ Comment in Story on Anti-McCain Ad Accurate?

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By: E&P Staff

In a news account, The Associated Press today reports on charges of a “false” political ad — but did it go too far in accepting the Republicans’ complaint?

For days, Republicans have been pushing back at Democrats and liberal activists who have cited Sen. John McCain’s remarks — on more than one occasion — that the U.S. may have to stay in Iraq for decades or even “100 years.” Some McCain foes have wrongly stated that he advocated actually waging a hot war there for 100 years, when he was actually stating that we might have to keep troops there that long to maintain some sort of peace, as in South Korea. But, even so, many oppose any sort of permanent U.S. presence and bases there.

The Democratic National Committee this week rolled out its first anti-McCain TV ad. The lede on the AP account reads: “The Republican National Committee demanded Monday that television networks stop running a television ad by the Democratic Party that falsely suggests John McCain wants a 100-year war in Iraq.”

But the ad does not explicitly suggest that McCain “wants a 100-year war in Iraq.” It merely shows him, on video, stating that he wouldn’t mind it if we actually have a presence in that country for 100 years.

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