Is This The End For ‘Dick Tracy’?

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By: Mark Fitzgerald

Relax, “Dick Tracy” fans. The square-jawed paragon of all that’s good and brave in law enforcement isn’t headed for retirement at age 77 — no matter what you read in the blogosphere.

A rumor has shot around the Internet within the last two weeks that Tribune Media Services (TMS) is planning to end the strip before the new year.

Fans were directed to TMS Operations Director Mike Fioritto to protest this supposed development — and they responded.

“I’ve had tons of e-mails in the last week,” Fioritto said Friday. He said he was surprised to become the target of the protests. “I’m the operations director. I have no say whether or not the strip continues.”

But he does know that “there are no plans to change ‘Dick Tracy’ in any way,” he said.

TMS Managing Editor Mary Elson confirmed there are no plans to discontinue the strip, adding, “we are not looking for a new creator for the strip.”

Ironically, in the strip that?s running in Friday?s newspapers, Tracy and another law enforcement officer are facing a fearsome robot. ?Looks like it?s all over, Tracy,? the other cop cries. Dick Tracy just frowns stoically.

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