Italian Daily Launches with Tera

By: E&P Staff

Italian publisher MAG Group of Rome launched DNews, a free full-color tabloid and companion Web site in four cities late last month using Tera’s GN3 cross-media publishing system.

DNews is using Tera’s media-neutral publishing system, including its Ted text editing and Fred pagination applications, to generate 48 pages of shared and local content for editions in Rome, Milan, Verona and Bergamo. Tera’s Site Manager XML handling system and Tark database allow MAG to create content once and publish it many times in the print and online editions.

Twenty journalists in DNews’ main newsroom in Milan and another eight in the Rome bureau are connected by a virtual private network using a 10Mb line. Three reporters in Verona and three in Bergamo work remotely, connecting to the Tera system via a Citrix interface. The staff generates 192 pages nightly, of which approximately 150 are original to the individual editions. Currently, the Web site features only PDF files of the print editions, but MAG intends to begin offering live content next week.

Reporters will use Tera tools to put newspaper stories on the Web, preview the online content, and make adjustments in real time. They also can create multiple versions of stories for different areas of the site.

Launch of DNews comes nearly a year after free newspaper chain E Poli, which published papers in 15 Italian cities, ceased operations. MAG Group hopes its business model will be more successful. The paper distinguishes itself from other free dailies by offering original content and more in-depth features, rather than rewritten wire stories, the paper’s editor explained in a statement.

Also, rather than relying on public transit as the primary point of distribution, DNews will be distributed free to customers of cafes and bars.

The DNews sale and installation was handled through Tera’s exclusive Italian reseller GMDE.

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