By: Staff reports Survey Finds Career Direction Lacking

‘Job hoppers,’ or those who change jobs frequently, are seen
by both human resources professionals and job seekers as
lacking a clear career direction, reports a poll by the Society
for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and

Four out of 10 HR professionals and job seekers agreed that the
primary reason for changing jobs frequently was the desire for
higher compensation. New challenges were mentioned as the primary
reason by 15% of job seekers and 7% of HR professionals. Other
reasons for changing jobs included a change of environment and to
escape a bad boss or colleague.

HR professionals defined ‘job hoppers’ as employees who changed
jobs once a year, while those who changed jobs every two years
were called ‘job seekers.’ Both categories were rated negatively
in the survey. Respondents said that they are somewhat unreliable
and lack clear career direction.


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