Joe Klein: No One Cares If Hillary Says ‘Sorry’ on Iraq

By: E&P Staff

In his column for this week?s Time magazine, due out on Friday, Joe Klein defends Sen. Hillary Clinton from those demanding that she apologize for her vote on the Iraq invasion in 2002.

Klein declares, ?there are about 873 people on the left edge of the Democratic Party, plus assorted anti-Clinton consultant trolls like (Dick) Morris, who want to torment her over this. And she, inexplicably, is allowing herself to be tormented.?

Indeed, writes Klein, ?most voters don?t care if Hillary Clinton says, ?I was wrong? about Iraq. They know she was wrong, and they sense she regrets it. After all, she ‘s against the surge and for a phased withdrawal.?

But at the same time, she appears to be running ?the sort of campaign in which you put a ravening horde of consultants in a room and have them disucss whether you should say, ‘I was wrong’ about Iraq instead of making up your own mind and speaking the obvious truth.?

Because of this, he adds, Hillary, like the other 2008 frontrunner, Sen. John McCain, is losing her “edge.”

Time also carried a column by Michael Kinsley headlined: “Support the Troops: Bring Them Hoije.” He notes that athe antiwar movement during the Vietnam era “saved the lives of untold thousands of Americans by getting us out of that war — not quickly but eventually.”


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