Johnny Hart Tribute in Today’s ‘Non Sequitur’

By: E&P Staff

Today’s “Non Sequitur” comic features a tribute to “B.C.” creator Johnny Hart, who died April 7 at the age of 76.

The strip shows one of Hart’s caveman characters looking up a word in “Wiley’s Dictionary” — a scene periodically seen in “B.C.” The word is “groundbreaker,” and the definition is “See: Johnny Hart.”

“Non Sequitur” is by Wiley Miller (no relation to the Wiley of “Wiley’s Dictionary), whose comic is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate to more than 700 newspapers. “B.C.,” now done by Hart’s family, appears in more than 1,200 papers via Creators Syndicate.

Miller told E&P he drew the tribute the day after he learned Hart had died. Comic-strip deadlines kept the cartoon from appearing until today.

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