Joseph Wilson Responds to Decision in Plame Case

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By: E&P Staff

Ambassador Joseph Wilson, husband of former CIA operative Valerie Plame, who is at the center of the controversial case, released the following statement today, in response to the Supreme Court decision to not hear appeals from reporters Judith Miller and Matt Cooper. They are refusing to name sources in the White House/CIA leak case.

“That two reporters may now have to go to jail is a direct consequence of President Bush’s refusal to hold his administration accountable for the compromise of the identity of a CIA officer, Valerie (Plame) Wilson.

“Had he enforced his edict that all members of his administration cooperate fully with the Justice Department investigation, we would not be where we are today.

“Equally, some senior administration officials who spoke to Matt Cooper and Judy Miller today cravenly stand by while the two journalists face jail time because of a conversation they had with them. It is an act of extraordinary cowardice that those officials not step forward to accept responsibility for their actions.”

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