Joseph Wilson: Wife’s Book on Libby Case May Be Blocked by CIA

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By: E&P Staff

When Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted today in the CIA leak case, Valerie Plame Wilson “wept when she heard the news,” her husband, former Ambassdor Joseph Wilson said tonight. She called him at a restaurant and said, “four out of five guilty!”

Wilson gave his first TV interview on MSNBC’s “Countdonw.” He said that he and his wife will “both sleep more easily tonight.”

Plame, the former CIA agent who outing was at the center of the case, is now having trouble getting her book on the case past the CIA clearance, Wilson revealed. He said the agency didn’t have a problem with the content but would not acknowledge she had even worked at the agency before 2002 (when she was often deep-cover). “We may have to litigate,” he said. “I hope she can write the book.”

The Wilsons are pressing a suit and hope through discovery to get at the grand jury testimony of Karl Rove, Libby, Richard Armitage and others.

Wilson also said, “Now that the trial is over, the president and vice president should stop hiding” and share what they told prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

He pointed out that while the president had expressed sadness for Libby and his family he had “never” expressed sympathy for Plame, who had served her country for more than 20 years, sometimes at great risk.

Later, on the Larry King show on CNN, Wilson said that the president “ought to get rid of Karl Rove” and “keep his word to the American people” to fire anyone involved in the leak.

He also said that he’d like to get involved with the film that may be made about the Wilsons–“I think it’s a great story.”

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