‘Journal Editorial Report’ Moves to Fox

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(AP) The “Journal Editorial Report,” a production of The Wall Street Journal that formerly aired on PBS, will begin its run on Fox News Channel this weekend, the network said Wednesday.

It will air Saturdays at 11 p.m. EST, repeating Sundays at 6 a.m.

“Journal” editorial page editor Paul Gigot continues as host of the half-hour program, which this week will feature the paper’s Dan Henninger, Kimberley Strassel and Bret Stephens debating the threat from an Iranian nuclear weapon, and whether CEOs are paid too much.

Last month, the conservative-leaning talk show ended its run on PBS, where it had been caught in a storm over political influence in public broadcasting. It was cited last fall by an internal investigator at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting when he accused the CPB’s former chairman, Kenneth Tomlinson, of meddling in PBS programming to promote a conservative agenda.

The CPB helps fund PBS but is not supposed to be involved in programming decisions.

Announcing in November that it would acquire the “Journal Editorial Report,” Fox News Channel called the show interesting and well-produced, and likely to draw affluent viewers to the network.

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