Journos Beaten, Arrested at G-20 Demonstrations

By: E&P Staff

At least three journalists were arrested and one beaten by police as they covered anti-G20 demonstrations in Toronto over the weekend.

The National Post reported its staff photographer, Brett Gundlock, was tackled and arrested by several police officers as they dispersed protesters near the Ontario legislature.

“Kier Gilmour, a photographer for Canwest News Service who witnessed the arrest, said the officers knocked Mr. Gundlock to the ground and then dragged him away,” the unbylined story said. “He had been standing with several other media photographers at the time.

“’They slammed him down, onto his ass so to speak, then they dragged him back up and pulled him back to the police line,’ Mr. Gilmour said,” the story added.

The Post said Colin O’Connor, a freelance photographer working for the paper, was also apparently detained.

And a  reporter on assignment for The Guardian newspaper in Britain was arrested and beaten by police officers Saturday night, the news site reported.

Jesse Rosenfeld, a 26-year-old writer from Toronto, was then taken to the temporary detention facility. His family said he was released from detention about 8 p.m. Sunday night.

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