Judge Orders White House to Return Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

Federal judge Timothy J. Kelly sided with CNN on Friday, ordering the White House to reinstate chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass.

The ruling was an initial victory for CNN in its lawsuit against President Trump and several top aides.
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One thought on “Judge Orders White House to Return Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

  • November 16, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Must be nice to work for CNN where CNN’s spin is more reliable than our lying eyes. Either the left side of Acosta’s hand came in contact with the forearm of a Whitehouse intern or it did not.

    Stelter’s insistance that this never occured defies facts. The distraction of the Whitehouse’s doctored video is irrelevant. The allegedly altered video shows the same thing as the original – outside of Acosta’s hand contacting upper inside of intern’s forearm in an attempt to maintain control of Whitehouse property.

    Why did Whitehouse back down? Apparently because CNN, led by Stelter, was prepared to continue escalacting its assualt on viewer’s actual observations by saying our lying eyes can’t be trusted. CNN would likely have used such overt lies to agitate street mobs, then send it’s so-called reporters into the mobs to amplify CNN’s violent echo chamber.

    I can say with some certainty that if i, working as a local beat reporter, ever physically accosted an executive agency intern to continue my filibuster of a press conference, I would have been summarily fired on the spot. Working as an editor, I would immediately fire a reporter who refused to surrender a hand-held microphone belonging to a news source – public or private.

    Editors and Publishers who go along with CNN turning press conferences into activist rallies, with it’s reporters shouting slogans recast as rhetorical questions are a disgrace to the profession, and considerably more of a threat to democracy than a privilaged brat boy from Queens who managed to get elected as commander in chief of a representative democracy.


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