Judith Miller ‘Opus’ Makes the Comics Page

By: E&P Staff

The Judith Miller/jailed reporter affair reached the Sunday comics pages today, courtesy of Berkeley Breathed?s ?Opus.?

In today?s strip, the local mayor, Marvin Bippy, storms into a newsroom after the Bloom Picayune has run a front page story revealing that he had once been a stripper known as ?Saucy Peeks? before undergoing transformative surgery in 1987.

He asks the Newsroom Scruples Boy who fed him this line of ?rubbish,? suspecting his ex-wife. But Scruples Boy tells him that, of course, the paper will not reveal its source. The mayor then says he will put his ?special prosecutor? on the case and Scruples Boy will wind up in jail.

The newsman claims he is not worried at all, asking the mayor to ?prick up his ears? and listen to ?the righteous thunder of an enraged public.? They cup their ears and, of course.?hear nothing.

The final panel shows the newsman sharing a jail cell with a fat, disgusting con.

Here is a link to the strip:


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