Just Desserts? Man Who Tossed Pie at Coulter Has to Pay

By: E&P Staff

The second man accused of throwing a pie at columnist Ann Coulter in October 2004–and missing–pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault Monday, according to a story in the Arizona Daily Star of Tucson.

William Zachary Wolff, 25, was fined $250. But the fine will be suspended if he pays $915 to the University of Arizona for damage caused to a backdrop during the incident.

Police said Wolff and Phillip Edgar Smith threw tofu cream pies at Coulter as she spoke to 2,500 people at the university. They missed but hit the backdrop. Smith accepted the same plea agreement in November.

Wolff’s attorney, R. Antonio Felix, said in an e-mail to the Daily Star that Wolff knew before he threw the pie that there would be a punishment. “A letter to the editor saying that the columnist’s views were so extreme and inflammatory that she deserved to have a pie thrown at her just doesn’t get the same message across — to the same audience — as throwing the pie and accepting the consequences,” he wrote.

Coulter’s column is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.

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