K&F Sales for Plate Lines, Presses

By: E&P Staff

The OEM division of K&F International Inc. of Granger, Ind., will supply Tech Services International of Kennett Square, Pa., with 12 Auto Plate Feeders dedicated to the Kodak Polychrome NewsSetter thermal CTP engine. Along with the 12 autoloaders, support conveyors were ordered to transport plates through finishing.

The division also will supply MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG, Augsburg, Germany, with 128 MDS locks and 192 Narrow Gap/No Tool press registration lockups for the 10 color towers MAN is adding at the Los Angeles Times’ three plants and 608 Narrow Gap/No Tool press registration locks on new towers for Goss presses at the Chicago Tribune. K&F developed the Narrow Gap/No Tool press registration lockup to provide a tool-less lock for TKS, MAN and other presses with a narrow gap of 0.94 to 0.531 inch.

A further 56 MDS No Tool Lockups were ordered by Pressline Services, St. Louis, for the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican. To match the new lockups, Waterbury ordered a new DPPC power plate punch and a SAB-30 semi-automatic plate bender from K&F.

The Greenville (N.C.) Daily Reflector bought a ProStacker system that includes one UTM Transitional Conveyor, 2 CD-H cross conveyor that connects the two CTP plate lines and four plate stackers that will sort plates into eight bins. A bar code reader system will identify plates, which will be stacked in bins dedicated to specific jobs and one of the two presses. Plates will be punched and bent with an existing Vision Bender Model 3 and a new Vision Bender Model 3 to be delivered this month with the ProStacker. The stand-alone Model 3, with manual plate feed and removal, uses K&F’s Vision System to register to a target on the plate before punching and bending.

Foley, Torregiani & Associates, Stratford, Conn., ordered automatic inline plate finishing equipment to work behind ECRM CTP units at the Fall River (Mass.) Herald News, where one E-Series punch bender will receive plates from two plate lines. Two UTM entry conveyors and a plate stacker will complete the lines.

The Santa Fe New Mexican ordered an AB-7000 automatic plate bender, UTM entry conveyor and four-plate position stacker, which will finish plates behind a refurbished K&F Plate Express II film-to-plate exposure unit.

The Waterloo (Iowa) Courier ordered an AB-7000 automatic plate bender, UTM entry conveyor and a plate stacker to produce plates for its PEC press, which will get 50 new CML press registration lockups. It also ordered back-up plate-finishing equipment — DPPC power plate punch and SAB-30 semi-automatic plate bender.

Other recent customers include The Denver Newspaper Agency (SAB-30 semi-automatic plate bender), St. George (Utah) Spectrum (DPPC power plate punch), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, New York (DPPC power plate punch and PB-30 power plate bender).

In East Asia, K&F is fulfilling two orders. Two conventional plate lines for two newspapers were sold to Jin Engineering Co., Seoul, Korea. The four film-to-plate lines for Maeil Business Newspapers consists of two Plate Express IV and two Plate Express IV-Q automatic film-to-plate exposure units, four XPH-125 subtractive plate processors, two AB-5000-S and two AB-5000-Q automatic plate benders with plate stackers, one AOP-F film punch and one AP-200P plate punch. The AB-5000-S handles plates with two page images stacked on top of each other. The other paper Pusan Ilbo, will receive a Plate Express IV, which automatically registers film to plate, exposes, files the film and conveys the plate to the processor new XPH-125 subtractive plate processor and then onto the new AB-5000-Q automatic plate bender. The AB-5000-Q handles plates that have a total of four images per plate.

The second order, placed by Accel Graphics System of Shah Alam Selangor for Malaysia’s Utusan Melayu, calls for a Vision Bender Model 2 with plate stacker, UTM entry conveyor, DPPC power plate punch and a SAB-38 semi-automatic plate bender.

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