KBA Sells another Triplewide Commander CT

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By: E&P Staff

Mittelrhein-Verlag, Koblenz, Germany, has ordered a four-tower triplewide KBA Commander CT, slated to go into production in 2012.

KBA reported that of the 82 Commander CT towers ordered to date, 43 are for triple width, or six pages across, which Mittelrhein-Verlag Managing Director Thomas Rochel said would offerhis company “dramatic gains in cost efficiency, print quality and production flexibility, materially enhancing the long-term competitiveness of our printed titles.”

The 6/2 KBA Commander CT for Koblenz will be engineered for the Rhine format, with a maximum web width of 82.67 inches and a 20-inch cut-off. Maximum rated output is 90,000 full-color copies per hour, each with up to 48 pages. In addition to the flagship Rhein-Zeitung, the press will print free publications, inserts and contract work, with total weekly print runs averaging 1.9 million copies.

Besides high production, the Commander CT’s benefits for targeting and localization “are its ultra-short job and pagination changes,” Publishing Manager Siegmund Radtke said in a statement. With it, he added, “we can exploit the strengths of local news coverage even more effectively to offer our readers and advertisers attractive, quality products and enhanced immediacy.”

Four KBA Pastomat reelstands for 60-inch-wide rolls will be under the press and part of a KBA Patras A automatic reel-loading system. It will be possible to select 5/12, 7/12 and 11/12 ribbons for spadias. The four compact four-high towers, which can open at the center for maintenance access, will feature KBA PlateTronic automatic plate changing, KBA RollerTronic automated roller locks, KBA NipTronic bearing technology, KBA FanoTronic fan-out compensation, automatic color-register controls, KBA CleanTronic blanket washing, inking-unit washing and central ink pumping.

Other equipment will include six double turner bars, two folder superstructures with three formers, cut-off register controls, two skip slitters, two Zip’n’Buy tear-our perforation modules, two section stitchers and two KF 5 jaw folders, with provision for further inline finishing. Control will be from four KBA ErgoTronic consoles incorporating KBA EasyTronic automation for fast, low-waste start-up and run-down. Scheduling and press presetting software and a proofing system will be supplied by ABB.

The Rhein-Zeitung goes out to approximately 200,000 subscribers in 16 editions. In 1995, the daily was Germany’s first to set up an online service with its own editorial office. Five years later, Mittelrhein published what it claims was the first digital replica edition of a daily. The paper has used the Red.web Internet-assisted editorial system since 2003 to streamline production by speeding communication and access to features and news. In June 2008 Mittelrhein joined other publishers to form a major regional advertising network, kalaydo.de, which handles online ad sales.

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