Ken Doctor on the Newsonomics of Selling Local Mobile and the Dream of Location-Aware Transactions

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By: Ken Doctor

In his  latest posting for Nieman Journalism Lab, Ken Doctor looks into Verve’s latest efforts to ramp up newspaper local ad sales for mobile devices, and asks the inevitable question: How far are newspapers away from developing an app that fulfills the Dream of the Wilting Flowers:

“As in: It’s 4:30. You’re driving down the street. Your phone knows where you are, of course, and coming up, on the right is a florist…with a perishable commodity, flowers that will be worthless within 24 hours. Your “smart” phone, knowing where you are, who you are, your flower-buying habits, and maybe your spending proclivities, sends you the florist’s coupon for half-off, if you stop by within the half-hour. Satisfied merchant, satisfied customer, a perfecting of supply and demand.”

Maybe the end of the year, he’s told. Read the entire post here.

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