Kentucky Editor Faces Criminal Complaint After Publishing Photo of Juvie Murder Suspect

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A criminal complaint has been filed against the editor of a weekly newspaper in Central Kentucky after a photo of a juvenile murder suspect was published.

The juvenile’s attorney filed the complaint against George Lewis, editor of The Interior-Journal in Stanford.

The complaint alleges that Lewis “violated the confidentiality of a juvenile court proceeding” by taking the photo April 22 and publishing it May 1.

Kentucky juvenile court proceedings are closed to the public.

In a complaint filed May 2, public defender Susanne McCollough alleges that Lewis committed a misdemeanor when he took the picture of her client through the door of a district courtroom during the juvenile’s arraignment.

Lewis’ attorneys, R. Kenyon Meyer and James L. Adams, have filed a motion to dismiss the complaint. They argue the statute cited by McCollough is a directive to court officials and doesn’t apply to the public.

They also argue that the entire statute is “unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.”

McCollough’s client is charged with killing two Lincoln County men in 2002.

Lewis offered no comment Tuesday. The newspaper offices closed at noon yesterday, and a home listing for Lewis couldn’t immediately be found.

McCollough’s voicemail said she was unavailable until next Wednesday.

Lewis is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, but Lincoln County Attorney Daryl Day said the date could be moved to avoid a scheduling conflict.

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