‘Killed Cartoons’ Collection Spotlights Spiked Drawings

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By: E&P Staff

“Killed Cartoons: Casualties From The War on Free Expression” will be published March 12 by W.W. Norton.

An advance copy of “Killed” shows that many of its nearly 100 spiked images are syndicated editorial cartoons. David Wallis, who edited the collection, also tells the stories behind the rejections with the help of information gleaned from the artists featured in the 282-page book.

“(R)easonable motives sometimes inspire editors to kill,” Wallis writes in the introduction. “But too often … they suppress compelling illustrations, editorial cartoons, and political comics out of fear — fear of angering advertisers, the publisher’s golf partners, the publisher’s wife, the local dogcatcher, or the president of the United States, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, homophobes, gays, pro-choice advocates and anti-abortion protesters alike, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and midwestern grannies — especially midwestern grannies.”

He also writes: “The silencing of editorial artists — historically a progressive voice in the press — comes at a time when the mainstream media bends over backwards … to appease conservatives.”

Wallis is the founder of Featurewell.com, the syndicate that markets articles by more than 1,500 writers and journalists. He’s also the author of “Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print.”

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