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By: E&P Staff

Introduced last fall, KlearVision Digital’s Photo-D auto-correction software now may be downloaded from www.klearvision.com.

Photo-D relies on a rule-based Intelligent Expert System to automatically optimize and enhance digital image files, preparing them for printing or viewing. Using fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence algorithms, it emulates the decision-making expertise of a traditional color expert or digital-imaging professional to analyze, correct, and produce high-quality image files.

All Photo-D software acquires sets of photos and analyzes them as a graphic-art expert would. Photo-D looks for problems associated with under- or over-exposure, contrast, brightness, color, and details, then corrects the problems. Red-eye can be corrected to natural eye color automatically. Original and corrected images are then displayed side by side for easy comparison and selection.

Further, users can tailor correction variables to their or their clients’ liking. Customized via a preferences window, this setup can be named and saved for reuse. Customizable features include: dark details, white balance, color saturation, selective hues, sharpen/soften, paper type, input/output device, and print size and resolution. Photo-D Pro-I enables multiple size setting (smart scaling) and crop options and supports enhancement of hundreds of photos in a set.

Photo-D Pro II is designed for photo labs and automated graphic arts workflows. In addition to Photo-D Pro I features, Photo-D Pro II offers fully automatic red-eye detection and correction, and automatic workflow capabilities.

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