Knight Ridder: Stats on Iraq Since Last ‘State of the Union’ Speech

By: E&P Staff

As President George W. Bush kicked off his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, Knight Ridder distributed a set of statistics comparing Iraq today with the situation exactly one year ago.

Here are some extracts. The first number represents the number on Jan. 31, 2005, the second the number today.

U.S. military deaths: 1,415; 2,242

U.S. military wounded: 10,622; 16,606

Number of daily insurgent attacks: 61; 75

Number of multiple fatal bombings per month: 28; 30

Number of Iraqi security forces: 125,000; 273,000

Estimated number of insurgents: 18,000; 15,000-20,000

Estimated Iraqi military and police deaths: 1,300; 4,059

Crude oil production (millions of barrels per day): 2.1; 1.78

Monthly oil revenue from exports: $1.49 billion; $0.84 billion

Daily average hours of electricity in Baghdad: 9; 3.2

Estimated unemployment rate: 27-40%; 25-40%

Percentage of Iraqis who believe country is headed in right direction (through Dec. 2005): 49%; 49%

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