Knight Ridder Up in July, But Ft. Worth, K.C., Philadelphia Mixed

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By: E&P Staff

Knight Ridder reported today that total advertising revenue for July was up 2.1% when compared to the same period last year. Year-to-date, total advertising revenue grew 2.6%, while total operating revenue increased by 1.1% in July and 1% year-to-date.

In July, retail advertising rose 2.3%. National increased slightly, 0.4%. Classified grew 2.4%. Within the classified category, help wanted was up 13.4% and real estate increased by 7%, but auto declined 10.1%.

By market, total ad revenue was up 9.2% in Contra Costa, Calif.; 9% in St. Paul, Minn.; 6.4% in San Jose, Calif.; 5.9% in Charlotte, N.C.; 3.1% in Miami; and 1.3% in Fort Worth, Texas. The other large markets were soft.

Retail for the month was up 18% in San Jose, 9.8% in Contra Costa, 6.3% in Ft. Worth, 5.6% in Charlotte, and 2.7% in Philadelphia. Miami and Kansas City were soft.

National for the month grew 25.8% in Charlotte, 16.4% in Contra Costa, 10.9% in St. Paul, 9.8% in San Jose, and 1.9% in Miami. Ft. Worth, Kansas City, and Philadelphia were soft.

Classified increased in the following markets: Miami, up 15.2%, St. Paul, up 14.3%, Contra Costa, up 7%, Akron, Ohio, up 5.5%, Kansas City, up 3.1% and Charlotte, up 1.4%. Philadelphia and Ft. Worth were soft.

Circulation revenue for July dropped 2.5%. Daily copies are down 3.2% and Sunday copies declined 4.1%.

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