Kodak to Show New Thermal, Violet Plate Developers

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By: E&P Staff

Aiming to allow newspapers to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining performance, Kodak will introduce Kodak 1090 thermal plate developer, Kodak 206 violet plate developer and Kodak 206R violet plate replenisher at the IFRA Expo, Oct. 4-6, in Hamburg, Germany, according to Graphic Repro On-Line.

The new developer systems “require no investment in processing equipment, and enable printers to extend bath cycle times,” the South African Website quotes Kodak Segment Manager Rinus Hoebeke saying.

Kodak Thermalnews Gold plates deliver use less developer than visible-light systems, according to Kodak, which says that its new 1090 thermal plate developer system delivers a minimum replenishment rate of 30 milliliters per square meter and processes up to 20 square meters per liter of total chemistry volume (bath fill and top-up chemistry).

Low replenishment rates and a bath life of up to eight weeks (depending on processor and plate volumes) allow the Kodak 1090 developer and Thermalnews Gold plate combination to be cost effective and reduce waste.

At the same time, Kodak’s new 206 developer and 206R replenisher, coupled with Kodak Violetnews Gold plates, can yield comparable chemistry savings, in some cases better than the violet options now available. Because the new developer system doesn’t rely on high replenishment rates to maintain pH balance, users experience less processing variations and have a stable, consistent process platform, according to Kodak.

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