‘Korea Times’ Plant Saves with Two ECRM Platelines, Workflow Systems

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By: E&P Staff

Last October, ECRM Imaging Systems installed the first of two ECRM NEWSmatic 250 CTP systems in The Korea Times’ Los Angeles production plant, which prints not only the largest Korean newspaper in the U.S., but also weekly and monthly magazines, all in English and Korean.

Korea Times’ goal is to convert all its 11 North American locations to digital CTP workflows.

Since moving to violet CTP, the paper reports chemistry and plate savings, reduced paper waste, and a 50% reduction in prepress staffing, as well as improved imaging leading to increased ad revenue. It estimates overall annual savings of 10%. The change also eliminated a plate-processing odor that staffers found objectionable.

An ECRM film imagesetter user for several years, Operations Director Brian Jun cited not only familiarity with the vendor, but also savings, efficiencies and full control of the workflow in conversion to computer-to-plate output. “Special editions have become much easier — we’re able to create any product, any time we receive a request from our parent company,” Jun said in a statement.

Korea Times’s L.A. branch has two MAXWorkFlow News systems fed by 30 composition stations. The MAXWorkFlow News workstations output to two NEWSmatic 250 CTP platesetters, produce 170 to 190 pages daily, half in color for a daily production minimum of 300 to 400 plates over two shifts. For its three to four daily deadlines, the operation reports saving at least two hours per section.

The NEWSmatic 250 images 60 broadsheet plates per hour at 1270 dpi and accommodates web widths up to a maximum format of 25 x 36.5 inches. It also features FleXarm automatic slipsheet removal, with sensors that track slipsheets through pick-up, removal and disposal. For added flexibility, eight resolutions are available, from 1016 to 2540 dpi, with three anamorphic resolution sets (1016 x 2032 dpi, 1200 x 2400 dpi, and 1270 x 2540 dpi).

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