Korean Sites Install First TKS Berliner-format Presses

By: E&P Staff

TKS was awarded contracts for new printing equipment — the Tokyo-based press maker’s first Berliner-format presses — at three of the six plants operated by JoongAng Ilbo, one of South Korea’s largest newspapers. The orders mark the beginning of the newspaper’s advance to higher quality and more color in its daily production.

The first of two Berliner-style CT7100 UDH tower presses has just gone into production in the plant in Ansan. Each 90,000-copy-per-hour press is configured as six eight-couple towers, one double-delivery 2:5:5 jaw folder and six two-arm reelstands, and is capable of printing 48 pages, all in full color. They use open-fountain inking, the T-NPC control system, and spray bars from TKE, a member of TKS Group of Companies.

Expected to be in production next March, the second pair of presses for printing in the Berliner format will go into the company’s Busan plant, which is being configured the same as that in Ansan. Each of Busan’s CT7100 UDH presses, however, will consist of four eight-couple towers and two five-couple (four-over-one) towers. Folders and reelstands are the same as in Ansan. Operating sides of the presses will face each other.

The third TKS Berliner installation will be in JoongAng Ilbo’s plant in Kangnam, which is being configured logically the same as Ansan and Busan but physically different to accommodate a single press line of eight eight-couple towers, four five-couple (four-over-one) towers, four single-delivery 2:5:5 jaw folders (mounted two side by side) and 12 two-arm reelstands. Start-up in Kangnam also is scheduled for next March.

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