‘L.A.Times’ Editor Who Quit in ‘GrazerGate’ Keeps Swinging in E-mail

By: E&P Staff

Andres Martinez, who quit yesterday as editorial page editor at the Los Angeles Times in the wake of what the popular LAObserved.com has dubbed “Grazergate, ” has sent a lengthy email to that blog which it has posted in full, among much else on the controversy.

One brief excerpt:

“I think the desire to blend opinion with news is the far bigger breach, but I’m guessing the Henry Weinsteins and Tim Ruttens of the world will continue to conjure up the magical words ‘Staples Center’ to wail against any innovation at the paper, and confusing the hundreds of thousands of readers of the LAT who don’t read LA Observed – sorry, Kevin -? into believing that Grazergate somehow implied an improper blending of the newspaper’s business side and editorial judgment, which it patently did not.”

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